The best dental treatments for your wedding day

If you are getting married soon, you certainly don’t want to miss any detail that spoils or tarnishes that special day in a person’s life.

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The smile on your wedding day

The smile is an element to take into account when organizing a wedding, since most of the moments of both the groom and the bride are flooded with smiles, but in addition to looks exclusively directed at them and photography in almost everyone. moment of the wedding, don’t you think it would be perfect to show your best smile?

Dental treatments for the most provident…

At weddings, planning is usually done well in advance, so this is a great sign to get the best smile possible.

The perfect option to show a fully personalized smile for your wedding is the digital smile design treatment, in which the necessary treatments are planned so that the patient displays the smile he wants, after viewing the future results by the patient.

We could say that the DSD (digital smile design) encompasses other dental treatments, but performed in the most exact possible way and where the percentage of satisfaction on the part of the patient is close to 100% because he already knows how his smile will be. once the planned dental treatments are completed.

If you don’t want a technique as spectacular as DSD and what you want is to align your teeth, we can resort to typical orthodontic treatments, with which in several months we can obtain very good results, this technique being more conservative and natural than other alternatives.

The dental implant can be another great ally of people who get married, and plan better in advance to replace or replace a tooth, because although there are quick-loading dental implants that give us temporary crowns and tissue regeneration to speed up the process, it is always better to set reasonable deadlines.


Dental treatments for those who need a faster solution…

There are treatments that improve the patient’s smile in one or several days, which can be ideal for couples who marry very close and remember the smile too late.

Tooth whitening is one of the treatments most performed by the groom and the bride before the wedding, since the results are fast and very aesthetic, as they improve white teeth to become more radiant.

Dental veneers are the perfect choice for those who want to correct defects in the shape or size of some teeth to achieve better harmony between the teeth. They are blades that adhere to the tooth as if they were contact lenses, usually made of porcelain or composite.

Dental cleaning, although it does not offer revolutionary results, is necessary because it removes plaque and tartar that can aggravate your smile, therefore, with professionally cleaned teeth, it is certainly better to show your smile.

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